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Biography pages mostly make me cringe and this one is no exception. I'm only doing mine because my mum told me I needed to.  Furthermore - since you all know it's me writing this, we won't pretend otherwise, and I shan't speak in the 'pretend' third person. Kelly typed.

Mine were happy school days, starting in an all-girls Convent School and ending in an all-boys sixth form. I frolicked my way to University, attending Kings College in London, to study for a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science (with Anatomy). Halfway through my degree, I took an unplanned ‘Gap Year’ - a surprise Scholarship spot at Ravensbourne University for an Art Foundation course. A year later, it was back to science with a bonus Art BTEC under my belt, and I finally graduated with a BSc from Kings in 1997. ​

Whilst looking for a job as a Rocket Scientist, I started 'Murals By Design', a business painting murals & taking commissions. A friend* who knew I could paint, got me a gig working on his older brothers TV show; in the Art Department of “The 11 O Clock Show” at the London Studios, Waterloo. And lo, my career in telly began; on the same show as Ricky Gervais, Sasha Baron Cohen, Sarah Alexander and Mackenzie Crook. [*Forever grateful; John & Rob]

​My Production Designer quickly realised I was a rubbish prop maker, but, he (Richard Drew) discovered I could paint, and before I knew it, I was up and down ladders in my new role as a Scenic Artist for Studios and Set Builders across London. I had some fab jobs: starting with SM:tv with Ant & Dec, Graham Norton Show, Jonathon Ross, Harry Enfield and loads of other cool commission stuff like David Bowie (a career highlight), Thomas Pink, Ralph Lauren, Chelsea Flower Show, Harvey Nichols.

​I was a freelance Scenic Artist for about 8 years, during which time I met some AMAZING people, painted some incredible pieces, spaces & things. On the downside, it wrecked my back, and I was forced to retire - ergo I took a staff job at Nickelodeon UK, as their On-Air Art Director - designing sets, props and costumes for their live action shows (fewer ladders). SLIME, custard, food fights, British beaches, comedy teeth, kids, dinosaurs, dogs, cartoons, foam fingers, Spongebob and more slime. It was exactly as much fun as it sounds with exactly excellent people. I miss them all.

​A short TV Career pause for my beautiful daughter, and a new role as Parish Secretary for my very dear friend, and local Catholic Priest, Father Charles Briggs. If TV is fun, Church work is a rollercoaster. It’s not a job for the faint hearted: seeing folk for the highs and lows of life. Supporting Fr Charles was a privilege: probably the funniest, saddest, hardest, most joyful, most draining and most important work I’ve done. Father Charles died during lockdown, and I will forever miss him. He was truly one of a kind.

​I slowly crept back into TV work - the fast paced, busy world of Commercials; designing and building small sets for 1-2 day shoots. My clients included: ITV, Disney UK & International, TLC, Discovery Channel, Channel 5, Daryl Macqueen (Waffle the Wonderdog, TellyTubbies), Nickelodeon BBC (The One Show, Watchdog), Plastic Productions (Amazon Echo)...and more recently in 2022, a  wee job for the brilliant Charlie Brooker & Diane Morgan on ‘Cunk on Britain’.

​Which brings us to 'lockdown', and the obligatory 'Life Changing Reflections' we all did. I decided I missed my brushes and colour, I missed painting. A little courage, a little encouragement (and a lot of time writing this blooming Auto-Bio that literally only my parents will still be reading…) and WILLS’S WHIMS was born.

​WW. A calm, quiet, pretty place for me to fiddle away with whatever artistic WHIM takes my fancy. Sewing, upholstery, upcycling or teaching. A messy place to keep me from spreading my stuff everywhere at home. I'd like it to be a slower place, where people come and forget to look at their phone. I'm aspiring to be Eco friendly - and try only to use second hand wood or canvases where possible. I’m hoping WW will be a space to experiment, share ideas, learn new techniques, make a mess and laugh.

​I'm a very lucky sausage (which you may call me to prove you've read to the end). I've met some magnificent people and made some magical friends. I've had a blast so far. Hopefully, this next bit will be just as good.



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